"Swallow Charity's April Competition" Pulled Pork, Tomato with Chorizo Salsa and Sweet Sweet Sweetcorn

Hello again everyone!

This post is a special post to me. because it's for @swallowcharity's competition a fantastic charity who helps people with learning difficulties.
This is a great competition too, what they do is give you three ingredients and you have to come up with a dish which shows them off and this will really motivate your cooking too. The winner gets chosen and their recipe may be added into their cook book?
This also raises awareness of the charity and helps a good cause...

Well this month is Tomatoes, Pork and Sweetcorn....I thought simplicity is key here? So I decided to do something a family can enjoy or one person can do on his or her own?

Well here is my recipe for Pulled Pork Wrap with Tomato and Chorizo salsa and sweet sweet Sweetcorn....

First things first you need the pulled pork.....

I used four Pork shoulder steaks. I placed them in a heavy pan and seasoned in a paprika, cumin, cayenne chilli powder and Fennel seeds all one tablespoons except the Chilli and Fennel seeds.
I covered with tin foil and cooked long and slow at 180 degrees centigrade for one and a half hours or when you can pull apart with ease.

Once these are done let them rest....

In the mean time, cut a cross into three tomatoes and put into a glass bowl, then pour boiling hot water over and leave for a couple of minutes covered with cling film. 

In the next step cut up a green chilli (seeds removed) and cut up a small chunk of Chorizo into cubes

Now dry fry the Chorizo and release it's natural oils...so no extra oil is needed

Now take the Chorizo out and place into another bowl then throw the green chilli into the Chorizo oil....and skin, deseed and chop up your Tomatoes....

Chuck the Tomatoes in with the chilli and season to taste....cook out as much liquid as possible then chuck in the Chorizo...this should take no longer than 8 minutes

In another pan just slowly fry the sweetcorn in some groundnut oil and season with pepper, chilli powder and  slowly add a tablespoon of honey....this sounds weird but it'll intensify the Sweet corns taste...

And there you are....Pulled Pork, Tomato and Chorizo salsa with Sweet Sweetcorn I added yoghurt and chilli sauce too to give an extra dimension but that's up to you....

I hope you enjoy this and please check out Swallow Charity and see what they do....

...and remember if you do enter this competition Tweet your entry to @swallowcharity or @bangermashchat and #recipesforlife....also check out and post you recipes at http://bangermashchat.wordpress.com/2013/04/01/april-recipes-for-life-challenge-pork-sweetcorn-tomatoes/ 

And if you do try this out? Please tweet me @spurs_cook 

Many thanks again and #COYS


  1. This sounds absolutely delicious. The idea of spicy pulled pork and corn sweetened with honey to intensify the flavour are right up my street! A great entry for this month's Recipes for Life - thank you so much for sharing - look forward to see what you come up with next time :)

    1. awww...thanks :) this was a lot of fun to do...

      Many thanks for the kind comments


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