Meat Loaf Jackinho

Hi everyone!

Back again with another blog post....sorry it's been a while since I've wrote any, been a long story!

Anyway unless you've noticed Spurs Cook has a twitter account which I'm happy some of you are following.

This week I've not done a post on any Spurs I understand if my views are going to be low.
This time I've done it as a tribute to a passive reader of my blog 'Jack Smith' follow him on Twitter @jackinho92 he's a top guy and he said "Hello Spurs Cook!" So I replied "Hello!" and we got chatting on his favourite food.....anything with I thought Boiled Gammon?? Which is not exciting to I thought what is simples....tasty and affordable and gets better with refrigeration? And it hit me Meat Loaf!! No, not the singer! The delicious beef patty which is more of a meal! I knew any idiot can do a meat loaf so I put a twist on it! 

Here's the ingredients that you will should feed 4-5 people by the way.

Cooking oil
250g ground beef and 250g pork (or 500g ground beef)
8 slices of smoked streaky bacon
2 peppers (any colour you want)
1 tbsp Sweet paprika
1 tsp Ground Cumin
Chilli flakes
Ground black pepper
1 tbsp oregano
3 tbsp Worcester sauce
1 tbsp Tomato ketchup or spicy tomato ketchup
1 onion
2 bay leaves
1 egg
3 tbsp bread crumbs (optional but helps) or 6 jacob cream crackers (crush them up till you get a breadcrumb texture)

OK here's what you need to do....

First off......clean a mixing bowl! Very important! and pre-heat oven to 150

Cut the onions up finely as possible, or use a food processor....dice up the peppers and bay leaves with a pinch of dried chilli and slowly, slowly sweat it in a pan with oil and leave it and stir every now and again....when done leave to cool down slightly, so you don't get scrambled eggs in the meat mixture.

Now throw the meat, bread crumbs, ketchup, Worcester sauce, paprika, ground cumin, oregano and the cooled down peppers and onions (take out the bay leaves) and mix it up as if you're making beef burgers, pack it into a loaf tin or a tray that will fit.

This is all really to it then chuck on the bacon as you please and cover with tin foil.....

This is it really! Put this into a roasting tray and fill hot water half way up the dish with the meat loaf in it and chuck into the oven.....this should be for 1 and a half hours to 2 hours...

Once this is cooked put a skewer through check if it's be patient pour out the fat that would be collected (carefully!) and leave to cool! Once cooled down put this under a pre heated grill and crisp the bacon up....

And that's it really! Just plate it up...serve with green beans and ketchup or BBQ sauce? (I'm not proud!) 

This was a lovely dish I must say!! So satisfying and so simple!! Guaranteed to get you a date! 

Let me know how you get on if you try this? Follow me @Spurs_Cook on Twitter

See you next time and big thanks to Jack too!! Great fun!!!


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