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Swallow Chartiy July Competition: Duck with a honey and oats crust served with Berries compote

Hey everyone!

My blog's have been very limited since I have started my new job. I'm loving every second though, but like I say it does toll on your blog's lol

I did manage to dedicate my time to one special cause though....#recipesforlife

It's very close to my heart as I admit I don't do much for charity as I would like to, so contributing to this lovely monthly challenge is right up my avenue.

This month the three ingredients to use was Oats, Honey and Berries. I'm not much of a baker so baking was out, but the three ingredients apart from the oats I knew would go with duck? So as for the Oats that was just a gamble I thought I'd take.

If you are going to serve some New Potatoes and greens with this like I did, start to softly boil the New Potatoes now.

Turn your oven to 220 degrees centigrade or 200 on a fan assisted.

But otherwise first off I got the duck or ducks in my case out. I scored the duck so all the fat could render out and seasoned nicely(and d…

Quick Cheesy Pasta (Less than 15 minutes)

Hello everyone!

This is not to compete with Mr Jamie Oliver but I made up a quick recipe which is quite healthy and blooming fast!

OK here is what you will need to serve four people....

Four tablespoon of 0% Greek Yoghurt (You can use double cream if you want? But obviously it's less healthy)
A small bunch of coriander
A ball of Mozzarella (Optional)
Pecorino or Parmesan
A three wedges of Emmental and three wedges of blue cheese by The Laughing Cow (Trust me!) Well yes you can use 50g of any melting cheese of your choice...but these are only 25 calories per triangle
350g of Angel Haired Pasta (or anything else? It may take longer though)

OK now place a bowl over simmering water and put your yoghurt or cream to carry the melting cheese like so....careful not to have heat boiling or water will go everywhere...

 Now stir this it'll only take five minutes to do.....

Now while this sits throw salt into your water....and I used Angel haired pasta as it only takes 3 minutes....

Now k…