Glamorgan Sausages

Hey everyone, I'm back again!

This is a vegetarian edition....yes I know!! But anyway I really feel this is such a good recipe!! This is so good I'd really serve this up as a starter, or a side to a oily fish dish with a light white wine sauce?

Any way again this is not again on a footballer, unfortunately I've already done Gareth Bale but I'm hope you all try this as it's one of the best dishes I've tried on my blog!

They are called Glamorgan Sausages, apparantly it is an over 100 year old recipe, which originates from North Wales.....

Here is what you'll need for the recipe and this will serve 4 people.....

150g trimmed and chopped leeks
150g cold mashed potato (1 large potato
200g of a melting cheese of your choice (grated)
A grating of nutmeg
Salt and Pepper
50g fresh breadcrumbs (dried works ok too, so don't worry)
25g butter
10 fresh sage leaves or dried thyme (pinch)

60g breadcrumbs
50g flour
2 medium eggs
Sunflower Oil to shallow fry

Well here's what you'll need to do....

Firstly boil the potato (start in cold water, I left in their skins....I feel the cook better, but cook them how you feel fit, as long as they are mashed and cold) should take about 15 minutes and then obviously mash and season...that's it!

Then fry lightly and slowly the leeks in the butter.....while this is going on grate the cheese and chuck in with the mashed potato in a large bowl.....grate the nutmeg...use pre grated if you like, but fresh is better. Chuck in the breadcrumbs.....fry the sage or dried thyme in and fry for a while, now once the leeks are done....chuck them in. And mashed it up together by hands or a spoon? It's easier by hands trust me! And roll into a sausage shape, this is annoying but work with me......and fraction it into 8 portions

Now separate the flour, eggs and breadcrumbs into separate bowls....

Here's a tip! Get your sausages rolled first....what ever you don't use, freeze or refrigerate it.

Now use one hand and keep one clean....throw the sausage into the flour.....then the egg....and then breadcrumbs.

 Evenly coat the bread crumbs over each sausage.....and then back into the egg and the breadcrumbs again...

Heat up your oil and get it hot....wait for it to shimmer, or throw a chunk of bread in and see if it fry lightly. If you have a deep fryer...170 degrees should do it! Remember the inside is cooked you just want to slowly brown and crisp up the breadcrumbs. (Keep your eye on these at all times!! I swear they cause house fires alot!! Or you'll burn them too!)

Carefully place in the sausages and cook each side for 4 minutes or when they are golden and crispy!
Get them out....throw on kitchen towel to drain excess fat and season with salt.

I served mine with a chilli and JalapeƱo sauce....many cause the melting cheese reminds me of an awesomely classy potato, leek and cheese tot lol

Serve it how you want though, oh these would be awesome with a poached egg and bacon!! Go for it you'll do awesome! And again show me pictures if you try them, let me know how you get on and don't forget to follow me on twitter @Spurs_Cook! Thank's again for reading and love to you all!


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