Adam Richman's Vietnamese Inspired Sandwich

Hey everyone!

I had the day off today and while flicking through my twitter I came across a follower from a certain Adam Richman! Well firstly thank you sir! If you don't know who he...shame on you! lol He has held nearly every job in the catering industry and the presenter of Man V Food. Most importantly he is a very passionate Spurs and football fan.

In this blog I've done something different...I've done a recipe of which one of his favourite sandwiches! You can watch this on You Tube too....but to show you how easy it is....I've done it! Let's face it if I can do it, you can!

Well here is what you'll need for his Vietnamese inspired sandwich......

One crusty roll
A small bunch of coriander/ cilantro
A bag of crunchy crisps (I think ready salted is best, but what do I know?)
A large gherkin (cut how you like)
3 Turkey slices
A very ripe Avocado
A chilli paste of your choice (I used Nando's chilli sauce Extra Hot)
2 tsps of Mayonnaise
3 rashers of crispy smoked streaky bacon
1 fried egg

OK peeps here we go.....

First get your egg and bacon cooked first....

Once that's done cut your bread roll in half.....and scoop out the inside. You'll be putting a lot of ingredients in this sandwich, so you'll need the shell of the bread as much as possible.

And on the bottom put the chilli paste on the bottom and then throw on the mayonnaise and combine the two...

Now chuck on the crisps.....this will give you a salty crunch.

And now the Turkey slices......

Mash up the Avocado and spread over the Turkey slices.....and the top half of the roll.

Now the only need one, cut that in three.

Now chuck on the egg.....(trust me! I thought this was weird!) But the egg cuts through the richness of the pickled Gherkin nicely.

And the crispy bacon...add more chilli sauce if you like? And the Coriander leaves, this is instead of piling on lettuce really....really clever idea!

Cut in half if I was you...easier to eat! The whole thing was, smokey, spicy, crispy, soft, salty and satisfying! Really enjoyed trying this! Have a go yourself....if I can do it anyone can! I mean apart form the bacon and egg there isn't really any cooking!? So simple!!

Thanks a lot for reading again! And let me know how you get on? @Spurs_Cook and of course @adamrichman See you soon!

If you want to see this in is the video


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