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Chicken Pesto Pasta

Hi everyone,

Another blog and I appear to be on a role!

I decided to do one on a traditional Pesto with a twist, yes with a twist.
Before anyone from an Italian family starts criticising, I know it's not the traditional recipe.

Anyway here is my version:


3 regular bags of Basil (leave some for serving)
Small handful of Sunflower seeds
2 Garlic cloves (roughly chopped)
Salt and Pepper
250 ml of Extra Virgin Olive Oil
50g of Parmesan Cheese or Peccorino (leave some for serving)
2 green Chillis

100g Pasta
20 g of shredded cooked Chicken or one Chicken Breast

OK, it's this easy!

Throw the Basil, Sunflower seeds, Garlic cloves, green chillis and Parmesan into a blitzer and blitz.

Now season and pour some Olive Oil into the mixture and keep adding till you have consistency that is still thick but you are still able to pour.

Now season and pour some Olive Oil into the mixture and keep adding till you have consistency that is still thick but you are still able to pour.

Now throw …

Teriyaki Tofu and steamed greens (Gluten Free)

Another day, another blog.

Like all of you I appreciate all your support! Spurs fans or not! Especially Spurs fans! But a young lady called Sara Willis has given me support over my blogging time and she's a funny gal too. So a gluten free recipe goes out to her and this is virtually carb free too.

The story starts as I was going through my Chinese supermarket shop again and I'm determined not to waste a thing!

Today I tried to make Tofu exciting and I believe I did just that...

What you'll need is:

 For the Tofu stir fry:

100g of cooking Tofu
25 ml of Teriyaki sauce
2 large mushrooms (sliced)
1 red pepper (sliced)
1 green pepper (sliced)
One clove of garlic (grated)
One tsp of grated chilli or one tsp of Chilli bean paste
Handful of Bean Sprouts

For the steamed veg:

2 Pak Choi
Handful of Green Beans (trimmed)

3 tbsp of Ex Virgin Olive Oil
1 tbsp of dark Soy Sauce
1 tbsp of light Soy Sauce
1 tsp of Sesame Oil
A good grating of Ginger and Chilli

Too start get your …

KFC (Korean Fried Chicken)

Hi everyone,

It's been a while since I last did a blog...mainly cause I started making an effort to lose weight and my cooking has been rather strictly measured.
Well I decided to give a rest for a day as I deserved a treat and made some KFC! No I didn't get a take away! It's my version of Korean Fried Chicken and whether it's authentic or not...who cares, it's bloody good!!

Well here is what you will need:


75g of Tomato Ketchup
75g of Chilli Bean Paste (You can buy this in any Asian Supermarket)
One large Onion (finely diced)
5-6 cloves of Garlic (chopped)
100 ml of Cider Vinegar
1 tbsp of Syrup
Chilli Flakes to taste
100 ml of Cold Water

Chicken Wings
30-40 g of plain flour
Salt and Pepper
Spray Oil
400 g of Chicken Wings

Sesame seeds (optional)

OK set your oven at 180 or 190 if using gas.

Now in a frying pan (you'll need this quite wide for the Chicken Wings later) throw all sauce ingredients into that pan

Start with your Chicken wings in a zip up bag pu…

Billy Con Carne Nicholson

Hi Everyone

Thanks again for coming to my blog.
This time I've paid due to one of the greatest English managers who has ever been in the top flight, never mind Tottenham Hotspurs!
Bill Nicholson, he doesn't need an introduction.

For a tribute I've played respectively on his name, but made a dish that was long and slow yet totally worth the wait! Chilli Con Carne

For this recipe you'll need...

400g of Stewing Beef (generous size chunks) One large Onion (finely diced) Two cloves of Garlic (crushed and chopped) Two Chillis (sliced) Handful of Coriander (reserve the stalks and chop them) Three tablespoons of Worcester Sauce Two tsp of Cumin powder  Two tsp of Smoked Paprika Two tsp of Chilli Powder (I used one from Santa Maria range and it has Cocoa Powder in it) 15g of over 70% dark Chocolate One stick of Cinnamon One tin of chopped Tomatoes One good tablespoon of Tomato Puree One can of Red Kidney Beans Salt and Pepper 

OK, first off get your pot nice and hot. Season you…

Funky Spaghetti Carbonara

Hi everyone,

Another day, another blog! This blog is dedicated to a gentleman by the name of Barry Lewis who has a channel on You Tube called 'My Virgin Kitchen' he has worked hard on this channel for years and after much hard work he has a debut cook book which I'm proud to say that I will be reviewing and writing blogs on soon.

Here is a little recipe which I played around with on an Italian classic called Spaghetti Carbonara. I hope you enjoy it?

Here is what you will need:

150g of pasta of your choice.
3 rashers of smokey streaky bacon
1 onion (finely chopped onion)
1 clove of Garlic
1 Green Chilli
A small bunch of Parsley leaves chopped and stalks chopped
One free range large egg
25g Parmesan
Salt and Pepper

Fry the bacon till 3/4 cooked then add the onions and garlic till slightly golden. Throw in the Chilli and Parsley stalks then leave to slowly cook on a very low heat.

Now beat the egg (make sure the egg is room temperature)

Start cooking the pasta up. Then throw …

Beef 'Keith' Rendang 'Burkinshaw'

Hey everyone!

I had a bit of a negative day due to Spurs losing, but the show must go on!

I decided to make a curry and the reason for this particular curry is because it's great for left over Lamb and Beef.

I did a blog on a Rendang Curry and I hope you try and enjoy it.

Here is what you will n9eed:

400g of Stewing Steak (cooked beef or even Lamb)
For the Paste:
2 Shallots (peeled and roughly chopped) 2 Red Chillis 4 Thai Green Chillis (Optional) Thumb piece of Ginger (peeled and rougly chopped) 2 cloves of Garlic 2 sticks of Lemongrass 1 tbsp of Turmeric 1 tbsp of ground coriander 1 tbsp of Cumin 2 tbsp of Taramind Paste  1 tbsp of non flavoured oil (like Rapeseed, Corn, Groundnut)
1 tbsp of Fennel (optional) Stick of Cinnamon 400 ml of Coconut Milk 1 tbsp of Taramind paste 4 Star Anise Soy Sauce One Lime
Ok throw all the ingredients for the paste into a food processor and blend to a course paste.

This may need a bit of water so add a little if you need

Getting a good sized pot …

#spicetrail Cauliflower Cheese Pasta Bake

Hi everyone,

Another Spice Trail has arrived and I thought that this week was a bit of a challenge!
Carraway Seeds! Many would say baking, but being me I wanted to go against the normality!
So I went for a family favourite Cauliflower Cheese Pasta.

Here is what you will need for four people as a main meal.

4 slices of Streaky Smoked Bacon One large Leek or Two small Leeks One Large Spring onion A few sprigs of Thyme Half a red Onion 2 cloves of Garlic Two teaspoons of Carraway Seeds  200 ml of double cream 150g of strong grated cheddar 250-300 g of any pasta shapes 200 g of Cauliflower
 Pre heat the oven to 170 degrees

 Get a large pot of salted water on the go then start frying off the bacon and render the fat, add some Oil to get it going. Throw in the garlic, onions, Leeks and fry off for 8 to 10 minutes. Boil the Cauliflower while you are doing this,

Add a tablespoon of Carraway seeds and let the heat release the perfumed flavour. Take the Cauliflower our and place into a food pro…

Sausage Risotto

Hi everyone!

I've been testing out the recipes on +Foodtube Viewing  and what can I say? I tried @aaroncraze1 Jamaican Ginger Cake and it was worth the minimum effort that it required! This week I'm trying the Sausage Risotto which was done by @gennarocontaldo

I made a view changes to make it my own but his message was with me!

To make for one as a lunch you will need:

Two Cumberland Sausage (best you can afford)
One Shallot
Two small Leeks
Two Mushrooms
Sprig of Rosemary
One clove of garlic
325ml of Hot Chicken or Hot Vegetable Stock
A half glass of white wine
Couple of knobs of butter
A wedge of Peccorino

To start fry off the diced Shallots, Garlic, Rosemary, Mushrooms and Sausage meat (discard the casing)
Add the risotto rice and fry off a little...

Now throw in the white wine and wait until this has been absorb and the alcohol has been burned off...

Now pour in gradually the stock 50 ml at a time will do, once the 50 ml has been absorbed add another 50 ml...this will take …

Graham Roberts Asian Inspired Steak

Hi Everyone,

As another blog goes past another compliment comes through! First from Ian Walker and then none other than Micky Hazard! It was truly a blessing! To top off another week Sir Graham Roberts @grahamroberts4
tweeted me and told me that his favourite dish is Steak. Well he didn't specify which kind of steak? Lamb, Pork or Beef; so I presumed Beef..non other than Rump Steak!

Thinking of a nice tribute to Graham I decided to try something healthy, hearty but something different! I went Asian inspired and I hope he approves.

Here is what you will need...

For the Steak

One good bit of Rump Steak
3 Tablespoons of Dark Soy
3 Tablespoons of Lea & Perrins
A thumb sized knob of grated Ginger
Szechuan Pepper
A quarter of a Lime
Zest of the quarter of a Lime
A drop of Sesame Oil

For the Salad

Four Chestnut Mushrooms or an arrangement of Oyster Mushrooms? (Finely sliced)
Four Horseradishes (finely sliced)
Finely peeled Carrot
Stalks of a handful of Coriander (reserve the leaves)