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Robbie Keane Corned Beef Hash

Hi everyone back again for another post on my blog....

This post I've done 'Corned Beef Hash' a dish used to make rations of Corned Beef and Potatoes go further during World War II. I've decided to do my tribute to Robbie Keane an iconic player who gave a lot to our team.....and the rest is history!

Here is the ingredients which you'll need

340 to 380g tin of Corned Beef (chop up as much as possible)
3 Spring Onions (sliced up)
1 Clove garlic (chopped up)
Worcester Sauce
3 Large floury potatoes (cut each into quarters and peel if you want? I didn't cause I couldn't be asked! Also the skin has a lot of nutrients in it too!)
Fresh Parsley
One large Free Range Egg

This is so simple but rewarding!

First off....Get a good wide pan on a medium heat and throw in the beef hash......and stir it (don't add oil! this is very fatty!)

Now get a reasonable pot of boiling water going....season the water if you want? Throw the potatoes in a boil for 10 minutes....


'Pyo Pyo Noodles'

Hi all! Another blog is on.....

Funny, I'm not sure how many of you are actually are trying these recipes or ideas, but it's really great fun never the less.

This week I'm yet again going for a not as healthy as recent blogs, but it's a heck more healthier than a takeaway and probably better in my opinion too!

This week I've gone for an Asian dish and therefore a former Asian player......and that play is Lee Young Pyo, obviously he's South Korean. But this dish is Chinese inspired? I don't know any South Korean dishes I'm afraid.....I'll look some up though lol

The recipe is my take on a dish called 'Dan Dan Noodles' is it authentic to the original? How would I know, anyway here's what you'll need.....

Oh yeah his should feed four people...........

500g of beef mince (12% fat minimum)
2 table spoons of honey
A good amount of Szechuan Pepper
A clove of garlic
A good handful of Spinach, Chinese cabbage, Pok Choi and Broccoli (any combi…

Chicken Villa-jitas #thespicetrail

Another great weekend!

I have participated one of my favourite recipes which I did nearly a year ago now and it's a very healthy version which uses hardly no oil at all! If you want to be extra healthy of course use Whole Wheat Tortilla bread or even Turkey Steaks?

Well I've got another blog on and many thanks to everyone who reads them! This time I've done an ex legend closes to the country I could get it to! I've done my dish today Chicken Fajitas and trust me these are fresher, less greasy and damn right tasty!! OK so who did I do a famous Tex-Mex dish on...well Spurs have had no one in particular that has been Mexican? Well Dos Santos wasn't with us long I did one on a Spanish talking player who scored an iconic goal which was arguably one of the best F.A. Cup goals in the competitions history!! Ricky Villa scored that very goal...I'll get a tribute going to him very soon.

The ingredients for the Chicken Fajitas are your usual....if you don'…

Tomato and Chorizo Stew

Hi all,

Just a quick recipe which for once is controversially not dedicated to a Spurs player.

In this actual recipe I decided to try something that's not been done by myself and that's using raw salt in my cooking or raw oil. Basically not sprinkling sea salt during and after cooking and using oil to grill or sautee.

Here's the equipment that you'll need first....

One griddle pan and one heavy duty frying pan or non stick, it doesn't really matter....I didn't do the washing up!
The ingredients chopped up roughly of cause...this will serve 4 as a side dish or 2 as a main course should take 12-20 minutes....

One large courgette (Zucchini) One large finely diced red onion One torn up red pepper, green or yellow? A big chunk of Chorizo (important) or any Paprika sausage One clove of garlic Cumin Cayenne Pepper Smoked Paprika Ground black pepper Umami powder Teaspoon of Oregano Tin of 400g chopped tomatos Teaspoon of honey or Golden Syrup A splash of water A good l…

A V B 'Portugese Peri Peri' Chicken

Hi all! It's been a while since I've written a blog! Thanks though to a few of you whose giving and given me ideas, but I don't think a horse sh!t sandwich in respect to Arsenal's efforts last Sunday are appropriate! lol

Anyway you'll rarely get me bashing Arsenal on this blog....(yeah right!) or Paul Merson who thinks we'll lose to Liverpool on Sunday! Not saying we won't, because I respect the club...but it's rich of him to say that since he predicted we'd lose to Utd, Arsenal and AVB would be sacked by Christmas! Better more the great thing about all this is that we are 3rd in the league (don't get me wrong it could be better! As point distance from Chelski could go....) but we are being positive and producing some great team performances!!

Obviously the players have had a lot to do with the position we are in, but let's not forget the man who was given a rough time by pundits and by our own fans!! (for shame!!!!) Obviously everyone has …

Gareth 'Meat Ball-es

Right excuse the pun! I couldn't think of anything clever to make for Gareth Bale...

I wanted to do a Lamb Cowl but I'll be honest, I like a lot of you reading it is probably skint! Lamb is a luxury today unless you're feeding a few people in a long period of time, like on a Sunday, I only had half an hour, so lamb on a budget and time restraint wasn't realistic, and Welsh Rarebit if someone wants me to do a twist on posh cheese on toast I will. I not saying it's not worth doing I don't want to do a blog that no one will find non-educational or uninspiring.

So why Gareth Bale of all days? Well he got Player of the Month for February....

 ...oh and Andre Villas Boas got Manager of the Month too!

And it's St David's Day the National Day! To all the Welsh readers 'Hapus Dydd Gŵyl Dewi'

So out of Gareth Bale I did Meat Ball-e's Get it?? OK I'm really sorry!! Lets get this over and done with!! lol

Meat Balls

250g of 5%, 12% or 20% fat Beef min…