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Ledley King Prawn and Seafood broth

Hello every one!

Hope you're all well? This week is a dedicated blog to a long serving servant to Spurs! He was bided for by Chelsea and Man Utd but never left! No introduction needed....Sir Ledley King, so I've decided to do a Ledley King Prawn and Seafood broth served with noodles....this will serve four, so here's what you'll need.

OK, what you will need is firstly a glass bowl....

In that bowl add one large onion, two cloves of garlic, four red chillis, one green bell pepper, three table spoons of light soy sauce and three tablespoons of fish sauce and three tablespoons of Chinese five spice.
Throw these in to a bowl and then cover with cling film....this is good couple of hours, or over night? Up to you!

Next ingredients you will need is one 400g tin of coconut milk, Pok Choi, one fresh lime or a bottle of lime juice (which I used) dark soy sauce, sesame oil, fish sauce, one chicken stock cube and corinader. If you're using frozen fish like me....leave it outs…

Basa-song with Mediterranean flavours

Hey all!

I thought it's been a long while since I did a blog? So while shopping I saw some great this may be controversial but it was frozen fish!

I decided to buy this because it was 4 fillets in each bag and it was 2 for a fiver, but other than that it was a fish that I could make a tribute to.........Sebastian Bassong. I know just follow the recipe.....

Well it's an assembly more than anything so use the ideas if you like....

You'll need two frozen fillets of Basa
50g of cherry tomatoe
Handful of black olives (with stones)
A small bunch of Basil
1 tsp Oregano
Salt and Pepper to taste
Unwaxed Lemon

OK, get some grease proof paper.....layer the frozen fish or fresh fish and half the cherry tomatoes (cut in half) on the fish. Sprinkle the oregano and salt and pepper on top and grate half the zest and squeeze the same half on the fish.
Wrap the fish up and throw in a preheated oven for half an hour (if frozen) half the time if frozen! (but check it with a knife…

Hugo Lloris' Camembert Cheese Puff Pastries

Hi everyone,

Finally got back to posting about food and a Spurs player today on my blog today.
I decided to keep today's post relatively simple too, in respects to recipes.

This edition is a vegetarians joy and to be honest it's pretty nice too and quite versatile!

This is my Camembert Cheese Pastries using shop brought Puff Pastry, as to be perfectly honest? Who has hours of time to make their own? If you have time, do it if you want! To be honest it's bloody impressive!

Anyway the footballer I'm dedicating this to is Hugo's on him mainly cause I'm using a French I hope you all like this.

What you will need is....

One portion of Camembert (I did buy this from a well known supermarket and there is nothing wrong with it)
4 Spring Onions
A handful of Chives
Ready rolled Puff Pastry

 Tear up the Camembert cheese and thrown it into the food processor.
Chop up the Spring onions and throw them in....and like wise with the Chives.

This will co…

Mark 'The Rib Man' Gevaux.......It's Rib time!!

Sunday was a blooming adventurous day! I managed to get down to Brick Lane in East what is so exciting about Brick Lane I hear you ask?....Well apart from the many varieties of  ethnic food markets on offer (which is obviously a paradise to foodies), it has a well know gentleman by the name of Mark 'The Rib Man' Gevaux. He is the owner of the brand 'The Rib Man'

Here he is with me....

 I'm the small bloke holding the chilli sauce....hello! The brand name was colourfully named too!

Mark is very passionate about his ribs and so he should be! They are meaty and the taste is more intense than the watery rubbish which is kept in supermarkets so they can keep their shelf life. Now obviously I live in the real world! I only say the shop brought are rubbish because that is my opinion. Now I have tried proper reared pork from a butchers before and after tasting these Ribs it reminded me of how much of a difference the quality is!

For the three racks of Ribs, I…

"Swallow Charity's April Competition" Pulled Pork, Tomato with Chorizo Salsa and Sweet Sweet Sweetcorn

Hello again everyone!

This post is a special post to me. because it's for @swallowcharity's competition a fantastic charity who helps people with learning difficulties.
This is a great competition too, what they do is give you three ingredients and you have to come up with a dish which shows them off and this will really motivate your cooking too. The winner gets chosen and their recipe may be added into their cook book?
This also raises awareness of the charity and helps a good cause...

Well this month is Tomatoes, Pork and Sweetcorn....I thought simplicity is key here? So I decided to do something a family can enjoy or one person can do on his or her own?

Well here is my recipe for Pulled Pork Wrap with Tomato and Chorizo salsa and sweet sweet Sweetcorn....

First things first you need the pulled pork.....

I used four Pork shoulder steaks. I placed them in a heavy pan and seasoned in a paprika, cumin, cayenne chilli powder and Fennel seeds all one tablespoons except the Chill…

Parson's Restaurant Waltham Abbey

On a usual Friday night I would be laying on the sofa, kicking my feet up and watching the usual rubbish on British Television.
This Friday gone was a bit different however, after many conversations with a very elegant fine dining restaurant I was given an opportunity to find out what happens in a typical service in a busy restaurant.

From walking in the doors I was welcomed at 6 pm by a charming lady who was dressed sharply and presented herself for any royalty. As I told her I was here to see Ade (the executive chef) I was nervous and excited, nervous because I was entering a playground where I could look very stupid and excited knowing I would be watching a future multi-Michelin starred chef in action. Ade was not present at the time as he was dealing with other business within the restaurant, however as I was politely asked to wait as the young lady went to speak to the chef in charge, it gave me a reminder of my previous eating experience within Parsons.
The napkins were ironed, …

Adam Richman's Vietnamese Inspired Sandwich

Hey everyone!

I had the day off today and while flicking through my twitter I came across a follower from a certain Adam Richman! Well firstly thank you sir! If you don't know who he...shame on you! lol He has held nearly every job in the catering industry and the presenter of Man V Food. Most importantly he is a very passionate Spurs and football fan.

In this blog I've done something different...I've done a recipe of which one of his favourite sandwiches! You can watch this on You Tube too....but to show you how easy it is....I've done it! Let's face it if I can do it, you can!

Well here is what you'll need for his Vietnamese inspired sandwich......

One crusty roll
A small bunch of coriander/ cilantro
A bag of crunchy crisps (I think ready salted is best, but what do I know?)
A large gherkin (cut how you like)
3 Turkey slices
A very ripe Avocado
A chilli paste of your choice (I used Nando's chilli sauce Extra Hot)
2 tsps of Mayonnaise
3 rashers of crispy s…

Glamorgan Sausages

Hey everyone, I'm back again!

This is a vegetarian edition....yes I know!! But anyway I really feel this is such a good recipe!! This is so good I'd really serve this up as a starter, or a side to a oily fish dish with a light white wine sauce?

Any way again this is not again on a footballer, unfortunately I've already done Gareth Bale but I'm hope you all try this as it's one of the best dishes I've tried on my blog!

They are called Glamorgan Sausages, apparantly it is an over 100 year old recipe, which originates from North Wales.....

Here is what you'll need for the recipe and this will serve 4 people.....

150g trimmed and chopped leeks
150g cold mashed potato (1 large potato
200g of a melting cheese of your choice (grated)
A grating of nutmeg
Salt and Pepper
50g fresh breadcrumbs (dried works ok too, so don't worry)
25g butter
10 fresh sage leaves or dried thyme (pinch)

60g breadcrumbs
50g flour
2 medium eggs
Sunflower Oil to shallow fry

Well here…