Ledley King Prawn and Seafood broth

Hello every one!

Hope you're all well? This week is a dedicated blog to a long serving servant to Spurs! He was bided for by Chelsea and Man Utd but never left! No introduction needed....Sir Ledley King, so I've decided to do a Ledley King Prawn and Seafood broth served with noodles....this will serve four, so here's what you'll need.

OK, what you will need is firstly a glass bowl....

In that bowl add one large onion, two cloves of garlic, four red chillis, one green bell pepper, three table spoons of light soy sauce and three tablespoons of fish sauce and three tablespoons of Chinese five spice.
Throw these in to a bowl and then cover with cling film....this is good couple of hours, or over night? Up to you!

Next ingredients you will need is one 400g tin of coconut milk, Pok Choi, one fresh lime or a bottle of lime juice (which I used) dark soy sauce, sesame oil, fish sauce, one chicken stock cube and corinader. If you're using frozen fish like me....leave it outside now! You'll need a fillet of white fish and about a handful

Drain off the excess liquid out of the bowl...some may be collected as the salt is drawing liquid...and fry off the onions, garlic mixture either in a hot wok or a stock pot? And fry off till it's nice and sticky in a little ground nut, stir fry or olive oil....once you've done this pour in 250ml of hot water and bring to a simmer, add half the chicken stock cube and leave for 10 to 15 minutes. This should be reduced nicely throw in the coconut milk....and taste the broth and ask yourself "Is it salt enough? Add Soy and fish sauce" "I need to add sour...add the lime juice to taste!" Now add the other half stock cube if you think it needs it...

Throw in your fish and simmer down, till the fish is cooked it will only need a few minutes. These will cook in about five minutes while this is cooking....have some noodles on the go (cook a minute less than packet says...the broth will finish them off)

 Throw in some coriander and more red chilli and then finally add a few teaspoons of sesame oil.

Add the broth on top of the noodles and serve immediately....the noodles will hold some bite and the broth will be fragrant.

I hope you try this....and of course many thanks to @andywoodboy follow our fellow Spurs fan on twitter and say "Hi" and of course if you give this a go let me know how you got on? It is very simple yes, but I suppose as usual that is the point!

Here is a tribute to the great Ledley King!


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