Chicken Villa-jitas #thespicetrail

Another great weekend!

I have participated one of my favourite recipes which I did nearly a year ago now and it's a very healthy version which uses hardly no oil at all! If you want to be extra healthy of course use Whole Wheat Tortilla bread or even Turkey Steaks?

Well I've got another blog on and many thanks to everyone who reads them! This time I've done an ex legend closes to the country I could get it to! I've done my dish today Chicken Fajitas and trust me these are fresher, less greasy and damn right tasty!! OK so who did I do a famous Tex-Mex dish on...well Spurs have had no one in particular that has been Mexican? Well Dos Santos wasn't with us long I did one on a Spanish talking player who scored an iconic goal which was arguably one of the best F.A. Cup goals in the competitions history!! Ricky Villa scored that very goal...I'll get a tribute going to him very soon.

The ingredients for the Chicken Fajitas are your usual....if you don't know what they are or how to make them well then here's what you'll need....

Two good sized free range chicken breasts
Two tablespoons of Smoked Paprika
One tablespoon of Cumin
One tablespoon of Coriander Powder
Umami Powder (better than salt)
Ground black pepper
Worcester Sauce
Grapeseed or Rapeseed oil (Unless your are putting under the grill or BBQ)

One Green bell pepper, cut into quarters
One large white or red onion (which ever you prefer?.....Cut across the onion to keep it's shape while cooking.
One red chilli or green? Keep it whole

0% fat yoghurt
Your favourite chilli sauce (I recommend Nando's Extra Hot chilli sauce)
Coriander (Silantro)
.....and any tortilla wraps that you like

OK, get your griddle pan on hot and throw on the pepper, onion and whole red chilli!! If you have a BBQ....even better.....don't oil the veg, it's to get extra flavour into the food! If you checked out my last write up I'm trying to cut down on the oil and salt this month....want to try something different for these blogs too.

Now leave them and turn when you can remember! If you get black marks on them fine....just don't let them obviously burn! 10 minutes in total should do it! Just let them get soft and coloured.

Now strip up the chicken just as well with Turkey, Steak or Pork?? Smaller strips will cook quicker and throw it into a bowl and add the Paprika, Cumin, Coriander and a dash of pepper. And throw in one or two tablespoon of Grapeseed or Rapeseed Oil?? Apparently they are better than Olive Oil? Less saturated fats and more omega 3...this is good for you brain or something! Well it's good for you....ask a doctor the benefits lol

Now get a wok or a large non-stick pan on go! Good heat! And cook the chicken in batches! (You can bung on the BBQ or a grill! But I wanted it on a wok so it would cook faster!)

Just keep stirring it!!! Otherwise it'll stick a little (like mine did!) It also depends if your strips or too thick too. Remember there is hardly any oil! You have to keep this moving!!

Anyway! Keep your eye on those peppers and co! Once the chicken has come to an end and all cooked....just throw a dash of Worcester Sauce in and let the heat bring it's flavour out!! And into a serving bowl it goes!

Now throw your veg off the griddle or BBQ and put on a chopping board....and chop, chop! If you're a big wimp then take the seeds out of the chilli....

Heat up your tortilla...I did it for about 10 seconds on a hot dry non-stick pan each side...then spoon a tablespoon of the yoghurt and your chilli sauce and smother them together....throw on your veg...and obviously the chicken! Now a sprinkle of Umami and fresh coriander....and down your gob!!

I hope you try this out! I think it was very fresh and tasty! See how you get on...

Yours I'm sure will be better.....let me know what you think?? @martin_harte

Anyway here is why you are probably reading is a tribute to Ricky Villa....


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