Hugo Lloris' Camembert Cheese Puff Pastries

Hi everyone,

Finally got back to posting about food and a Spurs player today on my blog today.
I decided to keep today's post relatively simple too, in respects to recipes.

This edition is a vegetarians joy and to be honest it's pretty nice too and quite versatile!

This is my Camembert Cheese Pastries using shop brought Puff Pastry, as to be perfectly honest? Who has hours of time to make their own? If you have time, do it if you want! To be honest it's bloody impressive!

Anyway the footballer I'm dedicating this to is Hugo's on him mainly cause I'm using a French I hope you all like this.

What you will need is....

One portion of Camembert (I did buy this from a well known supermarket and there is nothing wrong with it)
4 Spring Onions
A handful of Chives
Ready rolled Puff Pastry

 Tear up the Camembert cheese and thrown it into the food processor.
Chop up the Spring onions and throw them in....and like wise with the Chives.

This will come out, once processed nice and crumbly, smelling like cheese and onion crisps. This can be used with pasta, with a tiny drop of cream....ravioli stuffing......Welsh rarebit, just crack one egg into it......salad toppings, a lovely lemon dressing to compliment?
 To be honest there is so many things that can be done, but I've used it for a Pastry filling. My point was using this for left over cheese is a great idea and what you do with it is gonna be awesome!

For the pastry I filled it up quite generously, but I think smaller portions are easier to cool down.
In a pre heated oven, I placed these pastries on a flat sheet and used olive oil. Eggs and milk work probably better though...I was thinking of the health aspects.....(because Cheese and puff pastry is really healthy!)

OK in a 200 degrees centigrade oven (preheated) and leave them in for 25 minutes.

Let them cool down for 5-10 minutes once they are done....or you will burn your mouth on the cheese and the pastry will just flake apart.

Anyway hope you enjoy the cheese stuffing idea? Give these ago and let me know what you used them for and if you made the pastries send me some pictures....follow me @spurs_cook on twitter :)
And if I can do it you definitely can do them better....I did say this was easy??

OK, so here is a little tribute to Hugo Lloris! Please subscribe to this artist who also made the video it's pretty awesome!

And is it just me....or does this music give you goosebumps? lol


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