Sicillian Style Beef Chilli Pasta

Hi everyone,

I started a new job this week so not as much time on my hands this week! But I definately will next week!
I felt coming home from work I couldn't be bothered with the preparing and cooking to have my dinner?
So I have realised for a while I have a slow cooker....great invention too!

This has been reinvented for #thespicetrail 

This recipe is so easy!!

One large red onion
Two cloves of garlic
Few sprigs of Thyme
One tsp of Cinnamon
Two tbsp of Cumin
Two tbsp of Smoked Paprika
2 bay leafs
1 Yellow or Red Bell Pepper
2 long red chilli
1 Scotch Bonnet or another hot chilli
Salt and Pepper
500g Passatta
250 ml Beef or Chicken Stock
300-400 g of Stewing beef
3 tbsp of olive oil

Literally cut up Beef as chunky as you like and chuck into the pot! Throw all the ingredients in with it and let it marinade it for a day or a couple of hours. (You can reduce some red wine and add it? But I'm keeping it family friendly)

Now before you go to work pop the dish back in and set the heat to 'Low' and just forget about it! (If you are not so good for time you can just put it on high and do it for 2 to 3 hours)

When you come back the meat in 9 or 10 hours will be melt in your mouth....

Just mix a little water with one tbsp of corn flour or ground arrow root and add bits into the warm sauce till it's a thickness you desire then throw in a large bunch of Basil....

I served mine with pasta and Parmesan.....

You can add kidney beans and rice for a traditional chilli
Or Okra and Coriander for a spicy curry

Give it a go! I mean there is actually no cooking involved really?! Thanks again for reading my blog and all the best to Newcastle and more importantly Spurs this Sunday!! We can do this!! COME ON YOU SPURS!!


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