"Swallow Charity's May Competition" Pork and Rhubarb curry with Lemon Pilau rice

Another competition everyone!

Swallow Charity have set the bar higher with the ingredients. This month they have asked us to use Rhubarb, Lemon and Spice.

I liked the idea of this, Rhubarb is famous for going with ginger or mixed spice....so the initial idea was to make a Rhubarb Crumble? Instead I thought outside the box...Rhubarb is technically a vegetable and a sour one at that it is originally from China and us Brits use to eat the leafy part....which made us ill! So one day I guess we cook the stalk and it was so nice we made up loads of recipes with it as a dessert!
I found a recipe from a certain celebrity chef which braises pork with rhubarb into a stir fry...I decided to go another direction and make a curry!

This has to be easy and affordable, so for this instant I brought a well known good brand of curry paste and for this one being a family food competition is a 'Tikka Masala' paste. I know your thinking this isn't cooking...but it's an ingredient and the pastes are very good! It's the sauces that are sitting around in air tight jars that are not great!

So here are the starting ingredients

2 large red onions
2-3 tbsp of curry paste of your choice
2 sticks of Rhubarb (Cut into 1cm pieces)
1 Lemon (halved)
1 Pepper (Optional)
A pinch of chilli flakes (Optional)
2 tbsp Garam Masala
Ground black pepper
400g of Pork Shoulder cubed
A pinch of sugar
Corinader (seperate the leaves and chop up the stalks)
2 tbsp honey

This will serve a family of four.....

OK throw the Rhubarb, Sugar and squeeze half of the lemon into a food processor (if you don't have one bare with me) and blitz up till smooth, yet chunky.

Season the pork cubes up with the black pepper and garam masala, but keep one tablespoon for the end. Now throw this into a stock pot and sear off the meat in two tablespoons of groundnut or vegetable oil....

Leave this and start slowly frying off the onions and pepper flakes, add more oil if you have to....

Once they are slowly fried off and tender, chuck in the coriander stalks and then the meat with the juice. Let this cook together and add the curry paste, now cook this off for a few minutes....

Now add the blitzed Rhubarb with 200ml of water....(if you didn't have the blitzer at the start chuck the raw chopped Rhubarb in now with the sugar, lemon juice and 250ml of water) and bring to the boil....

Throw the pot with a lid on it and leave to slowly cook in a preheated over for 90 minutes at 160-170 depending on your oven....keep checking every 20 minutes to see if you need splash of water....and if it does start to catch? Just a splash of water and scrap it off and mix it back in!

Throw in the pepper for the last 30 minutes (if you want it in there) and finish it off cooking....throw in the honey to cut through the tartness and away you go! Add some double cream if you wish

Serve this with pilau rice and a squeeze of lemon over the rice and you're good to go!

Hope you try this out....I enjoyed this month's theme and I hope you try them in the future too! Follow @bangermashchat @swallowcharity and @spurs_cook Tweet me a picture of your version if you try it! Otherwise thanks for reading my blog! COYS!


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