Welsh Rarebit

Happy New Year everyone!

Thought it's been a long while since I had last done a blog, so today felt perfect! Being short on the cash and trying to keep it real, I decided to do comfort food with a low budget.

Welsh Rarebit is like a posh cheese on toast which I did with a twist...well it's actually a well known Chef's idea, but I'll let him nick one of mine if he's good lol

First off I recommend you to make a Chilli and Pepper chutney...if you make from scratch it can be time consuming, but hey it's worth it!

What you'll need for this recipe is....

A loaf of good bread
Two egg yolks
A hand full of grated Cheddar
Salt and Pepper
                                                                                   100g of Creme Fraiche

Throw the Creme Fraiche, egg yolks into a bowl and whisk

 Throw in the grated Cheddar and mix it up till combined.
Now get the toast on the go....

Once the toast is done spread the chutney or a chutney of your choice? Doesn't have to be a chutney? Go wild?

Throw on the the cheddar mix and try to ease it as it will melt and obviously go over?

Once golden, take it out and slash it with a knife and dollop some Worcester Sauce into it!

Yours will obviously look better, so give it a go?

Send us your pictures? @spurs_cook

Thanks for reading and happy new year everyone x


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