Swallow Charity June Competition Salmon and Prawn fishballs in a Tomato and Courgette sauce 'Joint winner'

Hey everyone,

Another month of @swallowcharity #recipesforlife everyone! I was determined to pull out the stops this time! lol But seriously it is a charity too, but nothing wrong with a bit of healthy competition?? Here is the link for the details if you want to take part as well? http://bangermashchat.wordpress.com/2013/06/04/junes-recipes-for-life-challenge-salmon-pasta-and-courgette-aka-zucchini/

The task was to use Salmon, Courgettes and Pasta....I felt Pasta as it is can be kept simple, however I thought I would go through some effort to make the Salmon and Courgette have some show time.

Here is what you will need....

This is portioned for four people:

Salmon and Prawn Fish balls

450 g fillet Salmon
100 g Raw Prawns
1/4 zest of a Lemon
25 g dried or fresh breadcrumbs
1 Free range egg
Bail stalks

 Tomato and Courgette Sauce

6 ripe vine Tomatoes (chopped)
1 large onion (diced as fine as you can)
2 cloves of garlic
50 ml or 2 tbsp red wine vinegar
1 courgette
3 Bay leafs
Strips of Lemon Zest
Bunch of basil
1 tbsp of Tomato Purée

And 450 g Linguine or what ever you have? Use Rice or Cous Cous if you want? I had to use Pasta otherwise it would be defeating the object lol

OK throw all the ingredients for the Salmon and Prawn fish balls into a Food Processor season with Pepper only and blitz till it comes out nice and fluffy.

 Roll out 16 or more if you can of these Fish Balls and throw into the Fridge for 25 to 30 minutes

While you do this throw in the Onions and sweat with Garlic. Throw in the Tomatoes and cook off a little, then chuck in the Vinegar bring to boil and chuck in Lemon strips and Basil then simmer for 20 minutes, 5-8 minutes before throw in the Purée. Once this is done get the Pasta cooking....Pass the Tomato mixture through a Sieve and back into the pan and put on a warming heat! Taste it...too vinegary add Salt and Pepper with a little sugar. Then with a micro planer, grate in the Courgette, this will add more liquid to cook the Fish Balls in.

 Throw in the Fish Balls and simmer till cooked through!

Serve on the Pasta of choice and grate over some Parmesan and Olive Oil....again another dish to keep your girl friend or wife happy on a weekend! This is also cheap as chips too! Everyone has pasta in their cupboards, Vine Tomatoes are cheap in corner shops and all you have to buy is a few Fillets of Salmon and 5 to 10 Prawns?

I hope this has inspired you to try this out? Thanks again for reading and if you do try my recipe, please tweet me on @spurs_cook

....and please do give this a go yourself! Just tweet your recipe #recipesforlife and send to @swallowcharity and @bangermashchat

See you soon peeps!


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